About Us

Fish World Aqua Tourism Village Vaikom

Fish World Aqua Tourism Village is in corporated at Pingu Aqua Farm engaged in ornamental fish culture from the year 2000. It is a 3 arce plot beside the flowing Kariyar River at Thottakom, an island near Vaikom in Kottayam District of Kerala.

Purpose of Fish World ATV

Fish World ATV is a world of knowledge and fun. It imparts Knowledge about the aquatic ecosystem and emphasises the need to care the nature for mustering our future generations. It is a learning centre with lots of fun incorporated. Children can just enjoy the simple nature to the fullest.

Our Facilities

Riverside Resting Facility

Riverside resting facility with easy chairs, beach chairs or decks and umbrellas and shed with a thatched roof are provided Just relax in the cool breeze enjoying the sight of slow flowing Kariyar river.


A restaurant providing Multi cuisine food is one of the main attractions at Fish World ATV. Meals are served in the traditional Kerala style on banana leaf Karimeen pollichathu, crab roast, squid or Koonthal Roast are favourites of visitors . Restaurant has an open Kitchen style of food preparation.

Cool bar and Ice cream Parlour

Thurst can be quenched at the cool bar cum ice cream parlour .

Sales Counters

Sales counters provide visitors with a chance to procure some of the items they have seen displayed at normal prices such as aquariums , fish seedlings, sea shells, bamboo products, toys etc

Bathing and water sports facility

A pond is set aside for the purpose of taking a bath or for engaging in water sports for visitors. So come prepared with towels and extra dresses.

Our Facilities

Mega Aquaria(Fresh Water)

There is a mega Aquaria having more than 100 glass tanks displaying many varieties of fresh water ornamental fish. Name and charaterstic are displayed for easy identification.Breeding and Feeding habits are also explained. This aquaria is the largest aquaria in Kerala and is a must see spot

Marine Water Aquaria

There is also a Marine Aquaria displaying Marine ornamental Fish and some rare Marine animals. To many of the Visitors this section offers some wonderful viewing.

Museum of Sea Shells

This is the first and only Museum of Sea Shells in Kerala. Many varieties of sea shells are displayed in a pleasing manner with its names. Valampiri shell is on display altracting much fanfare

Collection of Aqua plants

A great collection of aqua plants planted and displayed in a beautiful manner is a treat to the eyes. Three categories of aqua plants - submerged , semi submerged and floating opens our knowledge to the aquatic ecosystem.

Feeding of Fish in Ponds

Visitors are free to feed the fish in ponds with the fish food provided. Many colourful fish just wait to be fed by the visitors.

Fishing or Fish Angling Facility

Visiotrs can fish in the adjacement Kariyar River for free and for a nominal fee in a pond prepared for this purpose.